Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FOIS logo proposals: Request for comments

IAOA is seeking a new logo for its flagship conference, Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS), prior to its next edition in 2014. After a call for proposals to the membership in May 2013, the IAOA Executive Council is presenting the current set of logo proposals below.

Importantly, all proposals are in the stage of conceptual drafts, in particular, there are no up-to-date adaptations to the year 2014. Regarding the overall procedure, over the next two weeks (i.e., until July 10) we are interested in comments and possibly new proposals, before IAOA members will be asked to cast a vote on the set of proposals then available. Thereafter, a professional designer shall further improve the winning proposal and create a state-of-the-art logo out of it.

Logo Proposals

Please have a look at the three proposals below and share your opinion and preferences, propose modifications or even new ideas from scratch. Blog comments offer the widest visibility for that, while comments via email [1,2] or other channels are likewise welcome.

Please comment until July 10, 2013, as the discussion will be evaluated starting from July 11.

Proposal A

Proposal B

Proposal C

Proposal D      [EDIT 2013.06.27]

Proposal E      [EDIT 2013.07.09]

Proposal F      [EDIT 2013.07.09]

Proposal G      [EDIT 2013.07.09]

Proposal H      [EDIT 2013.07.09]

Proposal I      [EDIT 2013.07.09]


Proposal J      [EDIT 2013.07.09] 


Proposal K      [EDIT 2013.08.20] 

Further background on the proposals

Proposal A is the first graphical logo that has been used for FOIS in 2001 and, in modified form, in 2010. Probably obviously, it is inspired by taxonomic hierarchies.

Proposal B is novel and is partitioned into interlocking areas hosting formal ontology and information systems. The colors follow the coloring scheme of the IAOA website.

Proposal C is novel, as well, and embodies metaphors of classification (in terms of distinct pieces) and integration (via interlocking puzzle pieces). Coloring is also inspired by the IAOA website. Space above and below the "ribbon" can be used for adding information, e.g. the year of the respective FOIS, the location, or the conference title in full.

[EDIT 2013.06.27]
Proposal D has newly come up after the initial version of this entry. The structure is reminiscent of Aristotle's square and the color scheme is intended to vary according to the hosting country. As shown here, it includes colors of Brazil.

[EDIT 2013.07.09]
Proposals E-J have newly come up after the initial version of this entry, without further remarks.

[EDIT 2013.08.20]
Proposal K was not voted on in the ballot for the new logo (Jul 25-Aug 06) because it was only submitted after the ballot had startet. Its point is to refer to the part-whole-relation within / in terms of the logo. It has been added here for completeness in the documentation of the process.

We appreciate comments on all aspects of these proposals. Please comment within the blog (publically readable), write to the member's mailing list [1], or write to the Secretary via [2] until July 10, 2013.


[EDIT 2013.07.04]

Variants of Proposals

Fanning the flames of interest, we present variations of the above proposals.

for Proposal A for Proposal B

for Proposal C

for Proposal D

for Proposal F

for Proposal J 


  1. Francisco Edgar Castillo BarreraJune 26, 2013 at 6:32 PM

    Proposal B, but i suggest to change letter "f" and "s" to uppercases

  2. One may combine elements of Proposals C and D, e.g. by changing the 4 parts of the overall square in D into puzzle-pieces (maintaining the straigt periphery of the square).

  3. Thanks to all who submitted proposals. All four options are good, but my favorite is B.

  4. Please note the updates since initially posting this entry. They comprise of two edits with new logo proposals and another one showing a variant of four of the proposals.

  5. Thanks for all the creativity and work that went into these proposals. My faves are C (original version), F (both versions) and D (original version), in this order of preference. In my point of view, the original C is the clearest and most appealing of all, so it may have the best recognition value. Of course, the suggestion to vary colors according to the hosting country can be applied to C as well.

  6. I Liked the proposal "H", which is clear and very professional.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

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